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Planner Description

Does your company order Diaries for your business 2022 ?

This year I have designed a “Game planner”  for 2022  that business can actually use ! 

 (I00% proceeds go to Cliona’s foundation supporting families with a seriously sick child)

As you know I am a strategic planning and execution consultant.

Did you ever have a very effective strategy offsite around November/ December and then, the follow up afterward, in January and February was fantastic,  but then for some reason it started to lose momentum? I hear about these issues over and over and that's one reason why I created this planner. It deals with your quarterly objectives and boils them down to one month at a time ; and then one day at a time.


Its called “The Game Plan” and will be a choice of 4 colors, discrete and executive and it will have an emblem of a hedgehog on the front cover. If you have ever read the book “Good to Great”, Jim Collins. He shares an analogy of the Fox ( cunning, lots of ideas ) where a hedgehog concept is based on the understanding of the one big idea that will move the dial in the company. This is where the emblem at the front of the planner has been drawn from.


The planner will have:

 Lesson learned section : What are my lessons learned from last year ; What are Next Year priorities.

  • Quarterly game plan: What are the key goals to be delivered this quarter.
  • Monthly Game plan: What are the three initiatives to deliver this month.
  • Daily Game plan:
    • A motivating quote to inspire the reader to get them off to a good start.
    • A section for Daily tasks to be completed ( Personal and business )
    • A section for “Top priorities for today”
    • A section for “How is your mental toughness today”
    • A section for innovative thoughts of the day
    • A section for daily reminders
    • A scribble section for note taking.
    • Size A5 ( if you want A4 please request)


  • As I am a strategic planning and execution advisor, I am also doing some training on how to use the diary effectively.




Foreword: Jennifer Kelly 

100% proceeds go to Cliona's Foundation providing financial assistance for families with a seriously sick child.         

Production Team

Designed by Donal O'Keefe www.detailfactory.ie 

Printed by CUBE www.cube.ie 

Created & edited by Jennifer Kelly www.strategybox.ie 

Co-ordinated by Phil Deegan  www.clionas.ie